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Social Skills

Check out our best-selling books and apps targeting a variety of social skills, including

  • Conversation skills

  • Friendship skills

  • Social thinking skills

  • Running a social skills group

All skills are taught step-by-step with a success-based focus.

Study Skills

Check out our highly-rated books and online courses. Topics include:

  • Paragraph writing

  • Essay writing and editing

  • Completing larger assignments

  • Designing experiments and writing lab reports.

All our resources are designed for diverse learners.

Reading Skills

Build comprehension skills in struggling readers. Our books and apps target specific skills such as:

  • Visualization skills

  • Reading fluency

  • Inference

  • Fact & opinion, etc.

Reading is fundamental for learning. Support your learners with this important skill.

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What Our Customers Say...

"This is a fantastic book and I wish I knew about it sooner. I am a Literacy Specialist at a school for students on the autism spectrum. I am thoroughly impressed with this product. I will buy more books from this author. Fascinating, appropriate & effective strategies to break down and then rebuild concepts."

“The handouts in this book are super helpful! Simple, and to the point. It breaks down complex skills into targets that are manageable and easy to teach.”

"This is a fantastic app to use with my students with language disorders who struggle with making inferences and predictions from written text. I’m a speech pathologist at an elementary school and I highly recommend this app!!