Fun Reading Activities: Day 17 – Predicting

Learning to read is difficult —  so we are making it easier with a series of fun activities that you can do with your child for reading practice.

With each activity your reader will practice core reading skills such as inferencing, prediction, main idea, description, etc. AND you and your learner will be having  a great time!

Let’s turn reading into fun!


In this activity your child will practice making predictions, using information, and guessing what might happen next. You will need: a fiction book your child has never read before. You can read the pages to your child or allow them to read it themselves.

Read the first page/paragraph/chapter (depending on your child). Stop and ask questions like: what do you think will happen next? What is the most likely thing to happen? Name one or two things that could possibly happen.

Read ahead to see if you were right, and then talk about it. If your child struggles with understanding the reading, use the model-together-solo approach.

Model-Together-Solo: Using one of the pages, model the instruction, making sure to explain what you are doing, what clue words you are seeing, etc. Then go to the next page and find the information together. Finally, see if your child can find the information independently. If not, do it together again. All this practice is developingyour child’s reading skills.

Congratulate your child on an excellent job!

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