Fun Reading Activities: Day 28 – Pull a Story Out of a Hat!

Learning to read is difficult — so we are making it easier with a series of fun activities that you can do with your child for reading practice.

With each activity your reader will practice core reading skills such as inferencing, prediction, main idea, description, etc. AND you and your learner will be having a great time!

Let’s turn reading into fun!

This reading comprehension activity is a lot of fun - and suitable for all ages!

Take several strips of paper and write silly sentences on them. For example, one could read “I tripped on a snail.” Another could say “Tomorrow, I will take a ride on a frog!”

Take all of the strips of paper and toss them together in a hat.

Have your child pull the strips out, one at a time, and read them aloud. After reading the silly sentence, have them make up a silly story to go with it. This activity will have them giggling their way through the whole story!

Congratulate your child on an excellent job!

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