Parent Super Strategy #4

Hello again, today’s super-strategy is all about consistency & regularity.

The easiest way to develop or improve a skill is to take advantage of how our brains learn. And research in neuroscience shows that brains learn best with consistent, regular practice.

In terms of developing reading skills, here’s how to do it.

1. Make sure you do ‘reading time’ at least 5 days a week. Two or three days won’t cut it. Brains need consistent, regular practice. That reading brain needs a quality work-out at least 5 times per week.

2. Reduce resistance by having a standard ‘reading time’. Make sure your reader knows when reading time is going to happen. If you sit down every night after dinner, resistance will be less than if you do a different time every day.

3. Think about the time of day. Cuddling up together with a book at bedtime is an awesome experience. And I encourage you to keep doing it — or start doing it! But at bedtime, your child is tired and that is not the best time to put his or her reading brain to work.

Think about making bedtime the ‘reward’ time, where you read aloud to your child. Do the reading practice earlier in the day when your child’s brain is better prepared for hard work.

What about those days when you can’t make reading time? That’s when apps come in handy. Grab our Starter kit of reading apps for those days when you just can’t sit down with your child at reading time.

Remember, you need to make sure your practice is regular and consistent – getting these apps is an easy way to make that happen with your busy life.

You can find the link to our starter pack in the sidebar. Check it out!​