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How to Talk With Friends

    Making friends and maintaining friendships is a struggle for learners with Autism, Asperger’s and similar social skills challenges. Often these children lack the conversation skills needed to communicate and engage with their peers.

    This hands-on manual is your step-by-step guide to helping your learner build strong conversation skills.

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    “Great book! I use it to teach basic group interaction and conversation skills. Helps break down those steps in a relatable way. The children I have used it with are not diagnosed as on the spectrum – but struggle socially.”

    Amazon Reviewer

    “This is an invaluable resource for teaching children with autism what a conversation is or any child that is struggling to make friends. It gives detailed information for facilitating the groups and also parent handouts and evaluation sheet. I feel that parents and teachers who read this book will be better able to assist children with social skills, even if they do not lead a formal group setting.”

    Amazon reviewer

    “As a parent, I do not have a group to work with, I did the group by using her father and her as the two having the conversation. I think it has helped the entire family dynamic and increased overall communication.”

    Amazon Reviewer

    “For SLPs in private practice, this book is a blueprint to facilitate a social language group. For SLPs working in schools, this book provides great ideas to use in therapy–not only for students with Autism, but those with intellectual delays, language disorders, and non-verbal students who rely on augmentative alternative communication devices.”

    Amazon Reviewer

    “I love the layout of the book, and its content. Each lesson is outlined very clearly, the activities are great, and it even includes data sheets!

    The author’s goal was to target the tweens (too advanced for basic social skill curriculums but not quite ready for teen programs). I think she succeeded in this.

    Overall, this book is a great tool for teaching and developing conversation skills :)”


    “Wow! This is truly an excellent resource! The format is fantastic; very easy to read, great layout with shading and highlighted parts that make it easy to follow and read. This is a very comprehensive guide and very practical. Written in layman’s terms so that anyone, from the most experienced professional to the “newbie” can easily follow along and implement this program. I am truly impressed with this book and I highly recommend it. I would like to see it used in schools and rehab centres everywhere.”


    Welcome to the Six-Minute Social Skills series of workbooks for children with Autism.

    This series of social skills worksheets is designed for busy parents and professionals who need easy-to-use and effective materials to work with learners who have Autism, Asperger’s and similar social skill challenges.

    The Conversation Skills workbook provides step-by-step activities that develop strong communication skills. Students learn how to choose and introduce appropriate topics, add on-topic comments and questions, and show interest with body language and gaze.

    No more topic bombs. No more interrogations. No more special-interest talk that goes on and on.

    Grab this workbook, start with the first easy-to-use worksheet, and get your learner on the road to social success.

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